Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date Posted: 07-20-2017
About Us
The Perception Medicine Foundation is a nonprofit start-up/social venture company dedicated to broadening our scientific and practical understanding of how the human mind directly influences the genesis, advancement, regression, and remission of disease.
In addition to funding traditional research, we also explore linkages with more esoteric and less quantifiable sciences, taking a divergent, encompassing approach to any treatment or modality that offers reliable and credible indications of merit. We are thus committed to thinking outside the box when it comes to addressing serious disease and illness, while remaining grounded in established research and scientific protocols.
Our efforts are focused in three areas:
    •    Convening thought leaders in diverse fields to shape and evolve the conversation of what constitutes “perception medicine” and its underlying model of healing.
    •    Funding and collaborating on cutting-edge research projects that study the mechanisms involved with the mind-body healing response and that push the boundaries of existing knowledge.
    •    Building a user-friendly archive of research that includes a database of remission cases and a directory of studies that address the mind-body healing dynamic. We also propagate our findings and insights through creative, dynamic, viewpoint-changing projects in diverse media that will enlighten the world to deeper truths about the healing process and our human potential.
The Executive Director is hired contractually. They are compensated a monthly rate as per the nonprofit’s rate.
The knowledge, passion, or lifelong experience of a mind-body connection to facilitate healing.
You have a background in business to lead teams and structuring meetings to accomplish end goals and account for deliverables.
You have administrative experience.
You have training at an educational/academic level to manage projects.
You have an education or a background in working in a nonprofit.
You have a background in website design or social media management.
You have experience communicating with regulatory agencies.
- Representing Perception Medicine Foundation
The admin team
Organizing and leading meetings between them
Accounting for their deliverables
Managing their time and role responsibilities
The board members
Organizing and leading meetings between them
Managing their time
External bodies and agencies
Organizing communications between the board members and them
Organizing communications between the advisory team and them
Organizing consortiums
Holding and leading meetings
Online presence
Finalizing website design
Deciding on social media management
Organizing the newsletter
Organizing email and communications
Delegating a team to organize fundraisers
Managing the budget
Developing the charity funnels
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